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ABS 4x4 disconnect

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Hi All,

I am considering tripping a relay via the 4wd circuit to disconnect the ABS once in 4wd. I have found the ABS to be a danger on gravel and mud and worse when towing as well.
Has anyone else tried this approach???
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Good idea FIG JAM, Ive always wanted to do the same thing but wasn't sure if it would bring up a fault code. Let us know if you have any sucess.

Jalmatt, take a ABS vehicle and try to stop it on a gravel road, Pedal goes to the floor and vehicle keeps on going. many instances 4x4ing the ABS has been a pain in the arse, not having control of your wheels locking up when you want them to.
Believe the late models have a gravel sensor that helps the ABS deal with non sealed surfaces.
Keep in mind that in modifying / turning ABS off you may well void your insurance in the event of an accident if the assessor were to find the mod......
mine has gravel sensors aparently, Still no better tho if anything worse as I think it dosent apply brakes to all wheels at the same time just brakes 2 wheels at a time and alternates to prevent going into a slide. correct me if im wrong.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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