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ABS 4x4 disconnect

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Hi All,

I am considering tripping a relay via the 4wd circuit to disconnect the ABS once in 4wd. I have found the ABS to be a danger on gravel and mud and worse when towing as well.
Has anyone else tried this approach???
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When I had my previous GU (with ABS), I just removed the fuse and made up a small/simple loom which enabled me to switch the ABS off whenever I wanted to. Worked really well.

All I did was made up a small adaptor that plugged in to the OE fuse holder. It had 2 wires leading to a switch on the dash and an in-line fuse holder. I used a small piece of copper-clad PC board for the "adaptor".
Believe the late models have a gravel sensor that helps the ABS deal with non sealed surfaces.
Keep in mind that in modifying / turning ABS off you may well void your insurance in the event of an accident if the assessor were to find the mod......
If this really does bother you, the solution is to (each time you wish to disable the ABS) remove the ABS fuse and replace it with a blown fuse of the same value (7.5a). That way, if you have an accident, you could argue that the fuse must have blown during the course of the accident.

However, it would be a pain in the arse in my opinion.

On my 2000 model the ABS was extremely dangerous on was as though you didn't have any brakes at all.....very scary on our trip to Cape York, travelling at about 80k/h and suddenly realising that the DIP you are about to go through is quite different to the previous 147 DIPs you've been through, because this one has a gutter at the bottom which is about 300mm deep and about 500mm wide!!!! NO BRAKES!!!!! SSHHHIIIITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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