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Hi guys i stumbled across this Forum whilst doing research on my upcoming 4x4 purchase.
Seems like a great community .
I am after either an 80 series Cruiser or a GQ or GU Patrol and my decision will probably come down to an individual car i find that i like for the right price etc.

My Question though regards the gearbox selection.
Back in the 90s i had a Daihatsu Rocky and a Hilux at different times and both where manuals. I naturally thought that manuals are best in a 4wd after those two
but doing some reading the Autos seem to have some merits offfroad.
Not having driven autos offroad can you please tell me the pros and cons of
both Auto and Manuals in the bush.
Also are the Autos the same in the GQ as the GU ? What are the autos strength like (also in the cruisers for that matter.

Thanx in advance.
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