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Advice needed-metal camper ute setups

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Advice needed-metal ute camper setups-ENGEL

Sorry for all the newbie questions but this site is a wealth of information!!

Im in the process of building a steel framed alloy sided camper setup on the back of my ute and have been tossing up ideas of fridges until i came across the engel 95l upright.

It is more aimed at cravan and van campers more that a ute setup but i want an upright not a chest!

I rang engel today to see what their ideas were about me running this fridge in my ute and they said not suited. Reason: the unit will get far too hot in summer time and reduce the life and be very ineficient. so fair enough.

I asked about running a chest fridge in the same application but again too hot blah blah not suited.

Obviously there are people with fridges in cars/ campers that see bloody hot ausie temperatures . 2 people i work with use their engels in ute with canopy/ gq wagon in hot temperatures and have no issues. So what are peoples thoughts/ alternitavely using.
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Mate your best to look at this website and its more based on caravaning and just try there and search is your best friend. The Off-road Camper Trailer Forum - Index

There are a few guys on there doing a similar setup as your looking for
I have 1 in the back of my GQ wagon and its only a 32ltr although it does have an engel bag around it there is no way i could fault it. I did a trip up the cape late last year and it performed perfect.

Dad had a 15ltr engel and it also performed perfect but it did recently die but i will say it was 35year old and never been serviced.

If i were to buy another then defiantly be another engel.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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