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Air con gas amount

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Hey guys

Was just wondering if anyone could have a look on there A/C sticker and tell me how many grams of r134a a GQ patrol takes, I need to gas mine up tomorrow and my sticker has fallen off.

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Thanks mate i thought it would be abit less then that but guess not, cheers
Im a 3rd year Fridgey apprentice just havent done much with auto A/C though. So around the 600 mark sounds like a good place to start i didnt think it would take that much but apparently so
It doesnt have a sight glass usually we gas by amps/superheat on splitys but natural car AC is different what sort of pressure should it be running at?
Alright thanks for that mate, really helpfull, so just aim for those pressures and then just generally feel how cool it is etc,

I gased it up before but i only put 250g in it and it felt cold then while we were gassing it then i turned it on out 4x4 the other day and it was barely cool. ill reclaim the gas in it now and give it a pressure test with nitro( how high would you go with nitro in a car A/C system? ) then give it a vac out and gas it from there on i guess

Alright so just chase 4-8 degrees vent temp so almost use that as my superheat reading kinda thing. Thanks for your help mate made it alot clearer what needs to happen
Yea no worries so try chase about 25/30 pound then 4/8 vent temp will just do it slowly no rush.

Also the connection between one of the flexible hoses i want to check it, should i put oil on it ( the connection itself) like you do with a A/C split flare or just connect it back up bare
Alright got ya haha, Thanks again will let you know how i go.
One question though, does it have to be a specific type of O ring ? We have just like general o rings but not sure if it has to be like a high pressure o ring or something liek that
1 - 10 of 20 Posts
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