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Air con gas amount

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Hey guys

Was just wondering if anyone could have a look on there A/C sticker and tell me how many grams of r134a a GQ patrol takes, I need to gas mine up tomorrow and my sticker has fallen off.

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I cant give you the amount for a GQ but for a GU single air it is 750-850 grams and i can't imagine the GQ will be significantly different

Regards Don
Depends on alot of factors, temp of day, effiency of the system etc. If no sight glass start at 400g and go from there.

Using a Dial-a-charge covers one of these variables

Regards Don
A dial a charge only gives you gas weight by volume varied by pressure relative to temperature. 400g is 400g measured by dial a charge or a set of scales its still the same. The original post was regarding average system high pressure in relation to temp of the day etc.

Just read it again & saw what the question was

Regards Don
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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