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Hey all,

I'm looking at a turbo kit for my 1993 ford maverick which i have just bought. I know questions about turbo kits are very frequently asked but i've struggled to find much info on this particular one

I have 3 questions:

1) what is the deal with the pre93 motors being tougher and how do i know which motor i have?

2) have many people just bought a manifold and made up their own kits from there?

3) Should i not buy this turbo kit and wait for a more reputable brand to come up 2nd hand?
I can get the AiT turbo kit at quite a good price but just a bit nervous about how uncommon it is. I've done a search on the forum and have found a small amount of info which stated that the manifold and exhaust housing around external wastegate can crack. It also seems like some maverick's/patrols were fitted with these kits by nissan dealerships which would then make me think it has to be half decent. The kit i can get is quite complete with dump pipe and front section of 3 inch exhaust even included. The exhaust housing outlet looks to be about 3 inch in diameter which worried me a little thinking that it may be a bit big and have a bit of lag for a diesel that only revs to 3500-4000rpm. The plus side is that the actual turbo didn't have much play in the shaft. seemed quite good.
Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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