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So I got a bit of damage to my winch rope and ordered some new rope, also got a fid tool so I cut the damaged bit off the old one and have spliced loops in each end to use as an extension which is good and I reckon a fid tool is handy to have if you’re running rope. The problem I’ve came across though is that my current fairlead, which came with the winch, is showing corrosion on it and my last one started out the same and got progressively worse till I changed it as I don’t think it is good for the rope to be rubbing on it. Now I’ve seen that factor 55 do these ones which apparently have a hard coating on them to stop corrosion and was wandering if anyone has used them or something similar, cheaper, and has any feedback on them as I do t really want to buy another like I have and be changing it out in another couple of years time.
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