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Ok, so I have 140,000miles on the clock, and she was getting hard to start. I did alot of searching and reading and I came to the conclusion the injector pump was worn out. I decided to try an electric lift pump to help feed the injector pump. Had it on 3 days, going to work yesterday morning at 0530 the b4st4rd coughed and spluttered to a halt.
So I thought the lift pump had failed, starving the fuel causing the stall. Jumped out pulled the pump out and bled the fuel back up. Thinking to myself that should do it, I moved off on for the same thing to happen 50m down the road.

I managed to get home and changed fuel filter, blew out lines etc. went for a few test runs only for the same thing to happen. I tried bleeding it again and let it sit for 30min.

Took for a run and thought thats better now............but what did I do.......f#ck all, got back to the yard and its still doin it.

I was a bit cheesed at this stage as I was already late for work, but it was looking more likely to be the injector pump. So I went for a walk and when I came back I was enlightened........there was a small fuel leak at the back r/h/s. Turned out the steel fuel line was rotten at the first bend. Cut it out, put in a new piece of fuel hose and an inline jobbie and she's goin better than ever.:D I hope this might help someone.
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