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Another TD42 swap!

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I have a Turbo TD42 in a GQ wich mechanicaly is in good condition.
I was thinking of buying a cheep blown zd30 or TB45 gu and swaping my mechanical td42 in.
I'm handy with the spanners so labour would be nil.
Has this been done.
Yes ive used the search and got all the other arguments:)rolleyes:) but this one.

Cheers Ian.
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"buying a cheep blown zd30 or TB45 gu "

LOL the TB45's dont blow.

On a serious note the GU TD42 has some unique bits especially with the electrical side and ECU, even then there were some fairly significant changes throughout the GU line up of TD42's. I read some good info on here regarding the differences.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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