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Hi everyone I've got a 2003 GU with ZD30 which has about 192000 km. After returning from a recent 3500km round trip, 4 days later my GU wouldn't start...long story short the pump was cactus. After having the pump rebuilt & glowplugs replaced at great expense i might add I have an on going problem which is that the engine can be hard to start when cold & when started briefly turned off & left then started again later causes the engine to shake violently before running correctly with a puff of white smoke which suggest air in the system? & although not very often black smoke.
The hand primer on the top of the fuel filter takes three pumps to become hard but within less than 30 seconds is soft again, I have bypassed this to see if this is faulty but the same problem persists I have also tried blocking the fuel return line with a one way valve but the pressure still drops, the primer is also soft when the engine is running. I've had a diagnostic test done but it seems not to be a computer related problem as all systems are showing normal.
On a recent country trip cruising at 110kmh on cruise my engine faulted briefly & the engine warning light came on so I turned around came home where once the engine was switched off & restarted went off.
I've had a turbo boost management test all's fine there, I will take it back to the place that rebuilt the pump but want to gather as much info as possible prior to doing this.
Until this problem occurred I've enjoyed a trouble free vehicle & would like to get it back that way.
Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated.
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