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Anyone fitted central locking?

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I have a 06 patrol ute but obviously modern things such as central locking for the 2 doors wasnt included on the DX?! :rolleyes: Has anyone fitted an aftermarket central locking kit that they would reccomend as there are so many on the market, that I could hook into my remote immobilsor? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers...

2006 TDI DX Ute
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Hi Sparky, No alas there is no solenoids at all for the locking, just the door key barrel ! so it would be a complete new install including solenoids, control box etc.... I guess i was wondering more about the mechanical link up from the available kits to the existing manual locking mechanism.

As the keyless immobilisor/ alarm was already installed , i dont have a wiring diagram for it, was wondering if the negative trigger isnt apparantly obvious, wether i can link main drivers door solenoid to say the relay out which activates the indicator flash, (maybe with a diode to prevent the door locks activating evrytime the indicators are used normally?)
A lot of alarms have an output driver for the central locking. Have a sniff around with a 12V test light and see if you can find a wire out the back of the alarm that gives a flash as the alarm is activated or de-activated. I can't help with the mechanical interface, but on my old Mav it was easy to couple up the locking motor to the rod coming down from the lock push button. In contrast to the factory unit, I mounted mine as high as possible to reduce damage in river crossings.
I'm sure a search here will tell you how. I just haven't got around to doing mine.

and lots of others found with a search
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