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Anyone fitted central locking?

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I have a 06 patrol ute but obviously modern things such as central locking for the 2 doors wasnt included on the DX?! :rolleyes: Has anyone fitted an aftermarket central locking kit that they would reccomend as there are so many on the market, that I could hook into my remote immobilsor? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers...

2006 TDI DX Ute
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Does the dx have passenger door solenoid? i.e the passenger door unlocks from the drivers door lock?
I fitted a keyless set up to my 03 ST ute which involved fitting genuine door latch/solenoid assy to drivers door from a wagon, running two wires for the lock/ unlock solenoid to under the centre of the dash (just behind the lighter socket is the control module for the passenger door on the ST) and activating it by an alarm kit through the lock and unlock negative trigger feeds that come from the drivers door window control panel and go to the module. Most off the shelf alarm kits have the functions to operate central locking. They just need to be wired to suit which is in the diagrams supplied.
If you are pretty handy with a test light as tb5 bruce suggested the immobiliser kit should have the functions to operate the central locking. If this is the case then all you will need is two solenoids and two 12v changeover relays. Find the two pulse feeds from the alarm module and connect like shown in the diagram. Also note if the trigger outputs are positive then connect pin 85 of the relay to ground and 86 to the trigger output (most are negative though) Also fuse the b+ feeds to your 87 pins. From memory after market solenoids draw 5amps per solenoid. So for a ute 15A would be fine.


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