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So i've been looking around for a while now, and my budget is anywhere up to 15k but i'd prefer to spend a maximum of 12 thousand dollars.

I have a mate of mine, who bought a wrecked patrol for around 9-10k then fixed it up and ended up spending in total somewhere close to 11-12k.

Anyone know where i can get a 2001 Nissan Patrol GU DX cab chassis that's perhaps in my price range. There are some around but all cost 15k and upwards but i'd rather not spend that much if possible as i want extra's etc...

Essentially it would the patrol i would want is the the one i listed, and furthermore when i look for a patrol it would also have to be a cab chassis as i need to chuck **** in the back motorbikes etc....

Finally, any tips when for when I'm looking for one, where to go etc... for both wrecked ones and like auctions and stuff.

Thanks so much.
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