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Something tells me that needs to be connected for the alternator to work

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on the ball there mate ;)

****en cannot believe i was so stupid to miss this
i know what your thinking "THE WIRES IN 2 PIECES HOW COULD YOU MISS THAT!?"
but the previous owner for god knows why had split that wire into 2 and one was running to a relay (WHICH WASNT EVEN CONNECTED TO ANYTHING???)
but used some plastic housing and when i removed it because i realied that other wire was going no where the friggin thing wasnt even making a circuit.
so to cut it short this was a huge FML situation which could have saved me a days work 2 weeks of taking the battery out charging it at night and replacing before work, and 350 bucks for a new alternator!
please somebody learn from my mistake because this was a real no brainer fix!:headwall:
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