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I installed AP60 cruise control kit on my 24V safari . This kit is very famous in this forum many mate installed . but I have not seen talk about this kit with 24V safari . I would like to post about this topic. The point is how to pickup the signal of 12V of the clutch and brake I think. But I was able to solve in a very simple way.

It is to make a circuit of the brake lamp pseudo-12V of the IGN linked. Please look at the wiring diagram below.Signal from the brake is picked up in parallel to the voltage applied to the brake SW.Has been dealt with by use of a resistor in place of the stop lamp where they add more brake SW.


These are parts I was prepared for making for break and clutch 12V circuit.

  • break SW for 12V car x2 (I used for TB42E nissan genuine Parts 25320-75A0E 890yen)
  • 50w 10Ω  metal-clad resistance x1
  • 24V relay x1
I made IGN linked 12V supply using by 24V relay and DC-DC reducer out put that is additional aftermarket reducer.I am using this IGN linked 12V for electloric boost controler and EGT gauge already. I made a hole above the 24 break SW on the bracket ,and attached additional 12V break SW that hole.

P1120474.jpg P1120478.jpg

I use metal clad resistor in place of the light bulb of 12V.I am connected in series between the terminal and ground one side of the additional brake SW like the wiring diagram above.Secure as in contact with the metal part because resistance to highly exothermic. Left side wire is for grand ,right side wire one is for SW ,another is for electric module via clutch magnet SW for avoid over rev.


I used the same brake SW also signal for release by clutch operation.I am mounting in exchange for bolt of the pedal adjustment .Refer to the manual accompanying method of the wiring. 

P1120509.jpg P1120511.jpg P1120512.jpg

Very comfortable and actual operations, it is a useful mechanism.

P1120573 - YouTube
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