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I have just been shopping round for a new bull bar winch lights ect

i went to many places many arb stores and none were as helpful and friendly as these guys there prices were good i ended up braking the bank and spent way more than i should of and now my girlfriend wont talk to me for a while but i got a good deal and saved heaps

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ARB Wentworthville

Mate, you're spot on there.

I first met the guys on the day they opened and have been dealing with them ever since. They are Patrol fanatics and know heaps.

So far I have bought 3 GME aerials, 2" OME nitro sports lift, dual battery system, safari snorkel, recovery gear and the lsit goes on.

They always look after me and I cannot recommend them enough. The ARB stuff is pricey but as far as i'm concerned it's good stuff and beside is great when you can just drop in for some advice.

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..and now my girlfriend wont talk to me for a while..

and your complaining why?
its pieceful and quiet when the handbrake doesnt make a noise ;)

but good to hear about the service!
its hard to find real good resellers these days that actually give a chjt.
most just wanna sell the product and move on.
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