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Are my Shockies Stuffed??

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G'day to all,

If I push down on my bullbar hard then release my car will rebound for about three or four bounces before it settles again and when I'm driving along and hit a bump I feel like it is still bouncing about twenty metres up the road. Is this a good indicator that it's time for some new suspension? The rear is the same, it is an '07 ST with 60k on the clock. It feels like it has come on all of a sudden but maybe I just haven't noticed the gradual decline.

Cheers, Heffers
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Thanks Guys,

I picked up a set of 41mm Tough Dog Foam Cells today that I'm about to put in. Waiting on the 2" coils to make their way up here and then they will find their way on to the troll shortly after.

I have just come in from the garage to figure out if anyone else has as much trouble as I am having trying to get the bottom nut off from the front shocks.

Unfortunately I don't have a rattle gun but have found some creative solutions after a quick search so I'm off to reek some havoc in the garage.

I'll let you know how I go.
Well after struggling with the bottom nuts on the fronts for a while with no success (tried everything) I finally managed to hunt down a rattle gun. With the missus holding the shock body with a big pair of multi's I got the nuts off. After that it was smooth sailing.

When I put everything back together I put a smear of rubber grease on any surface that was contacting rubber and I used a bit of nickel anti sieze on the threads so hopefully I don't have the same problem next time.

When I finally finished I was still sober enough to know that I couldn't drive so the missus took it for a drive and was amazed at the difference. Can't wait for the coils to arrive now.

On a side note the fully extended length of the tough dogs seemed to only be about 45mm, should I have gone for the 3" shocks or will these be alright with the 2" lift?
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