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Are my Shockies Stuffed??

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G'day to all,

If I push down on my bullbar hard then release my car will rebound for about three or four bounces before it settles again and when I'm driving along and hit a bump I feel like it is still bouncing about twenty metres up the road. Is this a good indicator that it's time for some new suspension? The rear is the same, it is an '07 ST with 60k on the clock. It feels like it has come on all of a sudden but maybe I just haven't noticed the gradual decline.

Cheers, Heffers
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Mine was the same with the bounce, and going around corners was very floaty. I got a set of iron man 2" lift shocks, springs and steering dampener from Zordo here on the forum. Just got back from the high country and am very impressed.

When you see the size difference between the factory shocks/springs and the new ones you will see what everyone is talking about. great excuse to get a little lift too (gets past the minister for finances easier as its a saftey issue).

Everyone likes photos...

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Here is a picture of the standard shock compared to the Ironman shock.


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My front ones were pretty easy. The rear springs were where i had to think out side of the square to get the 2" bigger ones in.

Thanks Guys,

I picked up a set of 41mm Tough Dog Foam Cells today that I'm about to put in. Waiting on the 2" coils to make their way up here and then they will find their way on to the troll shortly after.

I have just come in from the garage to figure out if anyone else has as much trouble as I am having trying to get the bottom nut off from the front shocks.

Unfortunately I don't have a rattle gun but have found some creative solutions after a quick search so I'm off to reek some havoc in the garage.

I'll let you know how I go.
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