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Hey guys

Im looking for a late 90's / 2000 Patrol with under 200ks on the clock.

I have 15 - 20K tops, signed sealed delivered

Basically I want to get the kids out camping and I want to tow a camp trailer.

I dont care about leather, power windows or anything fancy just a straight, reliable Patrol that doesn't cost the earth to run.

I like the idea of Diesel but I know nothing about whether I should consider the 2.8 or 3L. What were they like back then? Reliable? Sluggish?

4.5L Petrol on LPG looks like the other option. But am i going to get a better on Hwy experience with that?

Also. What's the hoohaa about the 4.2LTD? You guys seem to go nuts about them.

Any advice would be really appreciated!


James (AKA Horts)
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