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Hey Guys,

I already ask this on the safari page and one guy said the y60 safari are 12v. BUt aren't they 24v. Or do I have things mixed up??

I can buy a Nissan Safari automatic transmission and I wanna but it in a normal Patrol.

They are both carby and the donor car is from 92, mine is form 89. Both 4.2 petrol.
I know Safari has a 24volt systeem and mine 12v.

My question is can I swap the transmission. Because it's elektric an all, is it possible? Or can I do with a few adjustments.

I think there is not a lot of difference. I read somewhere on the site that the transmission has a resistor in front of the autmatic transmission kabels. That could let the power down to 12v.

Could someone here give me some good information??

Greetings MIke
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