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Ballroom dance happens to be a very old dance form that consists of not one but many dance styles that are performed in a ballroom or salon. This dance form kept evolving over the years with newer styles adding to this genre. Ballroom dancing was liked both at social occasions and competitive shows. It has been showcased beautifully on stage, television and in movies. But, with the dancesport becoming the new favorite, ballroom dance’s popularity became less as compared to before. Many of its style were created in England, which later got standardized by the World Dance Council. Sequence dancing is still a popular form of ballroom dance. United States added two new forms to this category of dance i.e. American Rhythm and American Smooth.

If you wish to Learn Ballroom Dance NYC has many fine ballroom dance studios that can help you perfect every move within a given time period. Dance schools offer a variety of ballroom dance styles such as salsa, tango, Argentine tango, Lindy Hop, cha-cha, rumba, samba, etc. Many of these styles are really famous around the world.

Before starting with any dance classes or lessons, learners are categorized into different groups depending on their prior dance experience. As every student does not have the same grasping power and practice. That is why this classification is important, so that there is no wastage of anybody’s time. Many are totally new to dance and have no formal dance training, so they are enrolled into the beginners’ classes. This group of students needs more time and attention as they would take longer time to get the basics correct.
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