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Hi there
got a few question on my new Dual Battery.

how long will my Waeco CF-50 (WAECO mobile solutions) < the specs of the fridge are all on this? Remembering my Waeco cuts out when the Voltage on the battery gets down to 10.1
between this and my Cool Power 36
im wondering on how much time i can have the fridge running without the car running.

i have been recommended this battery from an auto sparkie, but not sure if hes just trying to flog me of something he make the most $ out of
its a Exide Extreme N50EX
there is a link to the specs of the battery, if someone could have a look, as i dont know much about the batteries at all.
Exide :: Products
then click on extreme series and scroll down to the N50EX
:iconbana: (sorry had to do the dancing banana) :grin:
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