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battery not charging new alt

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hey everyone
i had a issue with this couple months ago where my battery wasnt charging so i replaced the alternator and my battery was charging fine after that.
now since 2 weeks ago my battery has been going dead while the engine is running!
i checked the cables, fine. the light in the dash goes out and stays out once the engine is on (it is also completely out and not DIM)
heres the very annoying part of it the battery takes charge from a jump start and from a 240v battery charger! but not from the alternator!!
its driving me completely insane and cut my holiday short because i didnt want to be stranded!

could someone please give me a hand on how to properly troubleshoot this problem because no way in hell i can throw around cash to buy new battery and alternator here and there!
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First of all make sure you have a good clean and tight connections, Make sure the engine block has a good connection to the negative end of the battery.

Then start the engine and check the voltage output on the back of the alternator and on the battery terminals.
Then put the lights on and heater fan and check voltage again.
Then check the voltage as you hold about 2000 revs.

Let us know the results
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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