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Ok this is my first build up thread and after owning 11 patrols I have decided for now to
actually keep one.

This one has the following mods already done:
5 Link front end
2 inch spring lift
2 inch body lift
35 inch Wranglers
ARB highmount winch bar
Dual batteries
Cargo barrier
HID spotties and HID headlights
60L water tank with heat exchanger
Sports seats with lumbar
Tyre pressure monitors

Changes I am thinking of making:

Getting rid of the 2 inch body lift
Fitting the turbo I have here along with a 3 inch exhaust
Putting in 3 inch Ultra flexy coils and SRC 6 inch shocks
Extending the bumpstops
Quarter chop with rear bar
Doing a disc brake conversion on the rear
Crawler gears or 4.6 diff gears
Fitting a rear draw setup
Fitting a rear fold down table

Will post up pics tonight.

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Patience my friend!!

Pics below of it currently.

Dented my Long Range tank!!!!

My mate is sorting out all the wiring tomorrow, fitting the roof console, uhf and rewiring the
dual battery setup for my trailblaza fridge in the rear.

I am thinking of getting rid of the 240 Lightforce HIDS and just running the HID headlights and the 170 Lightforce HIDS?
I find the 240's block too much air.

My rear bar arrived so will quarter chop next week and fit the rear bar which has the mudflap brackets already built in.

Fitted a rear light and bracket that I was given, its only a crappy SCA light but works pretty well.
Once I sell my other SWB diesel I can start sorting out the suspension.
(Any one want a diesel GQ shorty?)
Over the New Year break will pull out all the seats and crappy vinyl floor and paint sound deadner throughout and fit new carpet.


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Ok Dual battery system up and running.
Used the Sure Power 1314 Battery Seperator and just running the fridge off it.

Wired up the tyre pressure monitor which also has volt meter and ambient temp.

Looking at doing the rear brake conversion to disc but read you need to change diff housings?

Does anyone know if this is correct?

I have a set of diffs with disc rear and 4.6 centres and cromo cv's just sitting around but
my front diff in the car has been modified to suit the 5 link.

Was hoping to just change centres and add the rear discs.

Also bought some shovel holders for my roofracks at repco of all places (they were on sale for only $18 bucks so bought 2 sets!!)

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Bought some rear draws secondhand because they were cheap and
I think they might work great.

They are custom made to suit a swb but might need some mods to fit my trailblaza.

Loving my new shovel holders!!!! as per pic

Would like to hear some opinions on what to do with my suspension.

The pic as it sits is a 2 inch body and 2 inch spring and the 35's scrub pretty bad.

Thinking about doing 3 inch flexy coils with long shocks but taking out the body lift.

Probably would have to do a pretty serious guard chop?


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Yeah mate, 3" coils, wouldn't go any bigger in SWB.. Pull out body lift.. Extend bump stops if your running shocks that long.. Will also need drop out cones and retainers and might pay to raise front shock towers. Also a guard chop wouldn't hurt once you figure out how much usable up travel you have after extending bump stops and raising towers. Need to replace entire rear diff to put discs in just change the ratio of the existing front diff to the 4.6 ratio from your spare front diff. no need to replace front housing just match your ratios and with 4.6 you will be back closer to standard final drive.. Wicked little truck mate and with those additions you will have an absolute flex machine!
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