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Before you drive off across that flooded road...

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Before you drive off across that flooded road... (UPDATED Mary Valley flood footage)

Edit - pics removed by 3rd party, nothing to see here now folks... (was a Gympie local newspaper site link with some images, but they changed their urls around...)

Edit2 - found something to put here :) See Post 8 on
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If a picture tells a thousand words , i'll spare you 950 of them.
There was an image of a 100m of road sloping towards a flooded creek? bridge. At some point up to three quaters of the road had been eroded away up to probably 2 metres deep .

Squalos point was that at some stage with the water up to the road level you wouldn't know that there a 2metre trench for you to unwittingly drive into!

A pity the image had disappeared.

Exactly the reason that drongo was charged in that Land Cruiser a couple of years ago. Tool did not have a clue if the bridge had partially collapsed or not.

He would have had a backhander from me if it was my kid.
Yup, that would be him......absolutely no clue of the condition of the bridge before he crossed.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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