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Benno's Ute

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Pics tommorrow night bitches :D
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bennoGU28, i don't understand.. you've beaten 4.2, with your 2.8??
i'm not amazed, really!
bennoGU28, 2.8 has turbine, it accelarates better on high speed. Because of:
1. More power on higher rpm's (after 2000rpm)
2. lighter engine & gearbox
3. 4.6 differentials.

p.s. ..and when you rush hill with 2.8, then you'll feel leak of torque on lower rpm's.
on bigger tires result will be worse :D
bennoGU28, turbo is really good thing :)
more power you have on high speed.

p.s. I always knew that 2.8 is faster than 4.2.
reasons i've written in upper post.
Another deceleration reason on TD42 is gear transfer - reduced power on high rpm's.
2.8 has belt and it doesn't reduces power on high rpm's.

p.s. I just don't continue discussing of 2.8's problems.
It's well known.
1 - 5 of 202 Posts
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