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big block into mq

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a guys just a quick question will a big block ford or chevy fit into a mq patrol as i can get cheap big blocks and would love a bigblock in one bt don,t know if anyone has done it or if it will fit any feedback appreciated regards dan (aka smokey)
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Big blocks start at about the 427ci mark..... 350/383/400s are still small blocks. Chevrolet originally had their Big Block starting at 348ci but as their small block grew from 265ci to 350ci the smallest big block was the 427 and the starting point for 'big block' V8s is recognised as 427ci.

The recognised BB chevs are 427, 440, 454, 470, 496, 502, 540, 572 and a few other variants. The original 1955 big blocks were 348 to 502ci.

With the USD at the moment you can get a complete GM factory rebuilt 572 with the race block 4340 crank and every option making 620hp for $14k delivered. *Drool*
440 chev big block ???
440 is a chrysler product
The issue with the 350 chev in QLD,is actually a great thing considering that there are rulings where your not allowed larger than the biggest factory option for that car ???
You can get a 440ci Chev called the LSX.
Nah, Mercruiser (Chev) 502Sci Supercharged Intercooled, making 1500hp *more drool*

I would make sweet sweet love to even its manifold risers.
1 - 3 of 74 Posts
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