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big block into mq

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a guys just a quick question will a big block ford or chevy fit into a mq patrol as i can get cheap big blocks and would love a bigblock in one bt don,t know if anyone has done it or if it will fit any feedback appreciated regards dan (aka smokey)
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you forgot the 396, which is also a bigblock. The 400ci is a small block high torque long stroke engine mainly found in trucks. you can also stroke a small block to 427ci....the differencein ford big blocks & chev big blocks it that the Ford crank is externaly ballanced (add weight to the crank rather than remove the weight from the heavier side) you just get better life from bb Chev & less wear on main internals, plenty of BB ford cheap!
not sure if there is other reasons for the 350 limit
Unfortunately there is, SWB Patrols don't have the chassis length:headwall: atleast so I've been told, thus only 350ci, but in the wagons it shouldn't be aproblem
440 chev big block ???
440 is a chrysler product
The issue with the 350 chev in QLD,is actually a great thing considering that there are rulings where your not allowed larger than the biggest factory option for that car ???

Go 350 buy extrenal measurements,whack the 383 strocker crank in, injection (sneak a shot of NOS)
It would be one hell of a ride (NOS aint legal in QLD either )friggin fun police
Yes holden were goin the big block in the HQ range (should be something on the interweb regarding this)
They are no taller than a 308 but just a tad wider
big block should go really well into the engine bay, heapsa room!! maybe a 1 or 2 inch body lift so it sits a little lower in there and you dont end up with clearance problems. i have a high energy sump on mine which is quite big and still have heapsa room aswell as a bug catcher. The main thing is getting the bellhousing adaptor to mate it all up. dont under estimate the driveline it is much stronger than u think as my 400 chev is putting out round the 500hp mark with standard gearbox, driveline, diff etc and smokes the 35's with no dramas- this has been going on for a while now lol was looking on the Scott Shafiroff Racing Drag Race Engines & UltraStreet High Performance Pump Gas Crate Engines website for big blocks the other day....... cheap as on there!!
someone in Victoria built the YYY NOT MQ drag car

383 Chev running 1/4 miles: 9.81s @ 137MPH

Rocky Mountain Patrol & Offroad • View topic - MQ drag car

would be interesting to see the build up :)
Awesome car that, he drove it around on the street with the fats on the rear and the police never bothered him????? its got an L300 front end in it to for weight reduction and no more 4WD-ing. sounds very angry when it idles- drrrooolll!!
440 chev big block ???
440 is a chrysler product
The issue with the 350 chev in QLD,is actually a great thing considering that there are rulings where your not allowed larger than the biggest factory option for that car ???
You can get a 440ci Chev called the LSX.
Oh well ya learn sumfin new everyday

Bugger the chevs anyway
Go the big block hemi
Nah, Mercruiser (Chev) 502Sci Supercharged Intercooled, making 1500hp *more drool*

I would make sweet sweet love to even its manifold risers.
yah mate that 454 is on e-bay but the bb fords are in tweedheads bb ford are ok you just don,t go silly with cam and compression ratio a lot of people havn,t ran a ford bb when i was 19yrs old we put one into a zd fairlane wow man what a beast it was a 429 very mild too and the big dollar 351s that it ate was awsome and it had better street manner.s too go figure i was suprised and learnt the bb ford is a cool motor that was a 429 which is more of a passenger car motor and is the best pick if you find em the 390fe series is a good motor too as my father in-law has one in 66 ford galaxy pillerless very strong engines the main thing i would be worried about is the block bolt pattern and if dellow make one must check that out thanks for all the feedback guys i learn something new on here all the time best forum on the web thanks and regards dan
small block is plenty and fits easy
if you can get a 454 into a GQ i cant see why it would not fit into a MQ

YouTube - Big Block 454 Engine On Nissan Patrol GQ
small block is plenty and fits easy
some people think the stock engines are plenty :crazy:
I'm thinking of slipping a 6.2 diesel into my wagon
get a 460 cobrajet...... cam,intake,carby,ignition,exhaust and enjoy. i had a 460 but i sold it!!!
Fug the 6.2
Theres one local here in a GU
Owners words
"Thursty lump of sh*t"
His 4.2 turbo diesel F Truck pulls harder
If you were going to go the old chev v8 diesel, you would definitely want a turbo 6.5. but from what ive seen, Brunswick charge an arm and a leg.

Seen a 496 big block chev crate engine for sale today, 480HP and 550ftlb for $7k. now that’s awesome value compared to a Brunswick diesel.
Im sure the largest engine conversion in QLD for the MQ/MK Range is 5.7L (350)

Your right Brunswick charge around the 20K mark,drive in drive out
Having a 350 in a SWB GQ, I wonder what the clearance situation will be for the exhaust with the big block as it's a wider motor.
a lot more room in a MQ engine bay compared to a GQ. i dont think it will be a problem.
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