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Hi community,
I took my Patrol on a roadtrip from Sydney via Alice Springs to Darwin and now around 10.000km later the big service should be done I guess (its 100.000km and 105.000km). Now I plan to head to Cairns via the Savannah Way soon, before I head into Cape York. So I can either service it in Darwin or Cairns.

I am foreign/tourist and I don't want to offend anyone, but it seems that most things are way more expensive in Darwin than most other places - and it is also not a very big city. Would it be smarter to service it in Cairns - not being much bigger though?

I also would need a recommendation for a mechanic that knows it way around a 3.0L CRD Patrol, since I don't want a random mechanic to muck around my beloved Patrol.

I found some in other (old) threads...
- Winnellie Auto Centre
- Tony on Menmuir St Winellie (OCR raceway)
- Repco one on Hidden Valley Rd
- KND autos in Berrimah
- a member named Don?

Anyone got a recent recommendation either Darwin or Cairns?



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You would have given it a decent service before you left on a trip like that so I would just change your own oil, oil filter, fuel filter and air filter and then get it serviced when you get home. I did all that at King Ash Bay just off the Savannah Way, there was a small shire depot nearby in Borroloola that let me leave the old oil with them across the road from the servo.

Your daily checks should reveal any other niggling issues that may need attention. Much cheaper, peace of mind and you know it's done.
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No direct experience with Darwin Nissan myself. All times I have heard them mentioned, it hasn't been good news.

What do you call the 'big' service? ie what items are due at 100/105,000km?

Are you mechanically inclined?

I'll send you a pm.

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