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bigbear and ethanboris need a rescue (cobaw VIC)

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ben and i are in cobaw and ben is having issues with his 2.8 not starting
My gq is diffd out and ben was winching when his 2.8 started having dramas
We are in cobaw state forest near lancefield
Call ethan on 0432479298
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I really like that he has the decency to have his Patrol4x4 shirt on too!


angry panda
I actually believe there are people here who get excited when some one yells out for a recovery lol
So how goes it? I could have been to the bottlo, and the supermarket, for supplies and been out there with a couple of tents for you two by now.
In all seriousness have you guys made any progress?


my car is stuck with a capital S, we aren't going to recover with bigbears patrol on account of his engine issues. Waiting on a twin locked patrol on beadlocked 36's to come.
I have cans in the fridge though
Luke enjoy your bacon log
is the weather at least good?
light showers at the moment
Which track are you stuck on out there?. Some of those ruts have gotten fairly washed out since the last lots of rain we had.
How's it all going? I hope it's not an all nighter
stoney creek, i went down it a few months ago and it was ok but the rain has washed it out big time
Recovery team 10 mins away
how have u guys been keeping yourself amused in all this time
how have u guys been keeping yourself amused in all this time
Mud Wrestling :rolleyes:
I'm hanging on the edge of my seat waiting for an update.


"Like the sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives".

Do you relise that often you can hard wire a relay and remove it from the circuit, if,yu know which one it is?

I might be able to talk you through it, but I'm going to bed soon ( unless you want my help ).Call before 11pm if you like.

My number is 02 6684 5395

Cheers Gordo'
Mud Wrestling :rolleyes:

Ethan and Ben at it....

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That track looks like fun even on 35's :)
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