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I have a 1999 GU Patrol that WAS a 2.8 diesel but is now 6.5 litre Chevissan. Some of you may remember me as "Bilbo" but I've forgotten my log-on etc. Anyway, I've always reckoned the brakes on Patrols are rubbish (and I love my Patrols) when compared to a TD42 100 Series Cruiser. What make my case even worse is the bigger, heavier Chevy diesel at + 100kgs heavier. I'm looking at options such as fitting the brakes from 4.8 petrol Patrol??? Will they fit? Anyone know? Or does anyone have another idea to improve the braking on this monster? Yep - it's still pulling like a train and even better now it's done 50Ks from original build. Cheaper servicing too!

'99 GU ST Patrol, 6.5 Litre Brunswick Chev V8, :bigthumb: , GQ Gearbox and 3.9 GQ Diffs, 2 inch lift, Jarram Roof Rack, solar panels, Codan HF radio, 100L long range tank, 80L water tank, custom storage system, antennas everywhere, 2 Minelab metal detectors, wife and a small dog, no back seats whatsoever,,,,,Happy? Very:driving:
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