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Bit of a trip today...

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Just got back from a trip today; around 90 vehicles, approx 110km's over mostly hilly farmland on East coast of North Island taking in Castle Point on the way...

The truck in the foreground in image 6 is mine...











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It was a fundraising trip for the Tainui school. Heard about it from my 4WD shop.

First proper trip (shiny trip), although my truck wasn't none too shiny afterwards :D

Although there was bugger all mud, we crossed a few streams and there was a lot of gravel and dirt road stuff (maybe 30%), plenty of dust...

Rest was up and down large hills with some quite steep inclines.

Following the old bullock trails from the 1800's

I was a bit worried at first, what with having a LWB High roof, i wasn't too sure it would get up some of those steep hills with AT tyres, but all good, it exceeded my expectations, and once i got familiar with it, it was a lot of fun.
I wish i'd let the old man drive a bit of the way so i could hang out the window and shoot some pics of the line of trucks weaving along the track (and lack of track)...

But, from the amount of time i saw him gripping the sissy bar on the dash, he may not of been too keen :D

May have to set up the tripod in the back with camera pointing through the windscreen, that way i can use the remote shutter cord and get a few action shots...

heres a couple more:

Early morning, getting ready

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