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Blocking EGR

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This has been done to death I know and I have read a lot of posts on this subject but just a bit confused on where to block.

Firstly on the CRD its easier to block the EGR off at the firewall area but is that the best place to block it, other posts have indicated blocking it at both ends, which ends ?? as there are more than two places it can be blocked. Some members experience a DTC after the egr block on the CRD, is this common and is there anything else that should be done at the same time when blocking the egr

Secondly as I have read in previous posts the butterfly valve on the ZD30 patrol is only there to close off air when shutting the vehicle down and has nothing to do with EGR, can this be I was wondering whether the valve plate should be removed like the navara mod.
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Block it off where the pipe meets the valve itself. Chipit sell aluminum block off plates that crush in to seal off completely (Used one on my Navara). Reuse the gasket that is there on valve face side.

The block off plate is worth the $35 and I know you can make a stainless one for next to nothing. To be certain you have no leaks with the stainless two gaskets one either side of the plate needs to be used. Nissan charge 30 something dollars for the gasket so the aluminum block plate looks the go.

I have not bothered to remove the butterfly plate from either the EGR valve on my 2008 CRD patrol or Navara D22.

Have fun.
Does your CRD patrol throw codes with the EGR blocked and what is the major difference you have noticed since the mod, just a bit worried about the boost spikes when towing.
Does throw up the odd P0401 EGR error code but I bought a scangaugeII and that clears it. No boost spikes at all on the 2008 CRD and I tow 2,500 kg caravan around with it.

I block it at the valve so the pressurized air from the turbo does not rush down the pipe to fill it when the EGR valve opens, possibly creating a flatspot as it is a long pipe coming from the other side of the engine.

It has been really noticeable on the Navara for power and smoothness. I already had the 3" system and chip on when I did it on the Patrol so it was not so noticeable but there are a lot of benefits in doing it. I documented them in a previous post.

Heating up the block plate is insignificant compared to the exhaust gas flowing into the cylinders. Also there is a water radiator cooling the pipe on the drivers side before the EGR valve.

Block it off as it is one of the best mods at next to no price. If you have ever pulled down an engine and seen the stuff in the inlet manifold, head and cylinders from the EGR gasses then you would not hesitate.

Up to you mate.
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Follow the EGR radiator forward to where it meets the valve. Roundish fitting with upper and lower bolt fixing the pipe to the valve. Don't have any pictures sorry. See where the air comes off the intercooler, it goes into the valve body as well.
Take the intercooler off. Quick 5 minute job and makes things a lot easier. 3 bolts hold things together from the pipe to valve. One bolt is in the top and holds the pipe to motor. Lever pipe off valve and with screwdriver into top hole slightly line up the plate and two gaskets. Use the screwdriver through the top hole to hold in place while you line up the bottom and put bolt in. Screw up a bit then put bolt in top. Screw them down and then reinsert and screw up top bolt. All blocked off.
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