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Blocking EGR

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This has been done to death I know and I have read a lot of posts on this subject but just a bit confused on where to block.

Firstly on the CRD its easier to block the EGR off at the firewall area but is that the best place to block it, other posts have indicated blocking it at both ends, which ends ?? as there are more than two places it can be blocked. Some members experience a DTC after the egr block on the CRD, is this common and is there anything else that should be done at the same time when blocking the egr

Secondly as I have read in previous posts the butterfly valve on the ZD30 patrol is only there to close off air when shutting the vehicle down and has nothing to do with EGR, can this be I was wondering whether the valve plate should be removed like the navara mod.
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I blocked mine where the EGR meets the exhaust manifold on one side and where the EGR meets the intake manifold on the other ....not at the EGR itself..... blocking it at the EGR itself means hot exhaust gas enters the EGR pipes and retracts and on the inlet side it is just wasting boost into the EGR pipes.

I actually think some of the boost spiking could be created by people blocking it at the EGR itself so the inlets fill with pressure and when you lift off this pressurised air shoots back up the pipe either into inlet manifold ( inlet side ) or back through turbo ( exhaust side )

hope that makes sense.
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