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2002 Nissan Patrol GU Series II
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so after running my tillix setup just right at 13 odd psi, having it real sluggish then leaving it for a month odd while i was in hospital,recently got out and was driving the other day only to figure out that i had the boost controller upside down😅 flipped it back the right way to find that it sits at around 11, barely 12 psi (really responsive) when running with the bleed valve (in cabin) at 2 and three quarter full rotations (990 degrees) out from being fully closed. then if i turn the valve out anymore than a few millimetres for a quicker spool rate, it than has a play range of 14-17 psi. so to be safe what i have now is a zd30 gu series 2, 307,000km on the odometer, no remap, 3-4" open air pod filter on it sitting at 11 psi with the right spool rate without hitting limp - someone please diagone what this may be causing this????

FYI* yesterday i then cut two coils off the manual boost controller spring and gets anywhere from 8-12 thenliterallyy thrashing the tits off the patrol, gets up to 14 psi at 3000+RPM!!!!

my suspicions are that there is a boost leak🤷🏻‍♂️

GURU's here it's time to speak the words of wisdom😂
  • far as i can perhaps think it could be is a intercooler leak?
  • yes i have thread tape on the boost controller, COULD TOO MUCH TAPE BE THE REASON WHY?
  • all the vacuum lines are set right
  • everything should be right so i'm puzzled to why the boost is only ranging from from 8-11, maybe 12 to 14-17...

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@sunnyjim You quote a lot of variables in boost/control and spool here.

Few point for you to consider:
Increased spool rate is achieved by turning needle clockwise(closing it)_ not opening it.

So you say, U now have boost controller installed in the correct direction............. ie: adjuster ring/lock arrangement on vac side?
I have never used thread tape on Tillix or Dawes._Why?
To increase the boost level using Tillix, need more spring pressure applied (turn it clockwise/close/compress) would not stuff around shortening length of spring_wrong approach.

If your needle is direction (one way flow) make sure connected up so when it is open, you can blow thru it towards vac bleed side eg: to air induction pipework or to filtered atmosphere.

Now if all hoses / connections are good, now time to set boost. Check you boost hoses and vac lines again before trying to set up Tillix.

Close your needle

My experience is mainly with manual G/B_ to set Tillix for max boost drive steadily up hill (slight load_say 60% eng load) drive in 3rd gear holding 3000rpm, observe boost level and adjust Tillix to give max boost say 15psi without getting limp. Closing Tillix (turn clockwise) to increase boost level. Assume that you have a scan tool to clear fault codes_is needed.

When satisfied with with boost (lock Tillix) and then go ahead adjust needle to achieve spool rate that suits. Reduce the spool rate is achieved by unscrewing needle valve(anticlockwise) and clockwise to increase. Good method to adjust spool is after you set Tillix for max boost, have engine at idle then get some one to observe the actuator rod position as you unscrew needle valve slowly, stop when rod just starts to drop and then turn needle back in say 1/4 turn should be good spool to try out..

You may able to increase boost with Tillix slightly after U set for spool see how it goes.

Remember that Limp is most likely to occur when eng is loaded for extended period eg: hauling (up hill under load or towing).

Let us know how she goes.
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