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So obout 11 years ago i fitted a Tigerz11 el cheapo winch, when i fitted it, i pulled it apart and greased everything properly, and i also put sikaflex and rubber boots over the winch terminals (once connected), and also sika on the exposed magnet screw heads.

Not long after fitment i rolled the car, a track collapsed as i drove across it , the winch was a life saver, as i was able to self recover the car with the aid of a snatch block, and a snatch strap (video below)

So for about 2 years (while i fixed the car) the winch sat fully exposed out in the weather (not even in the bull bar) i inspected it for grease before i installed it again, but it worked perfectly,

This same winch is still going strong to this day, i think the thing with any winch, is you need to not winch out for any extended period, watch for all forms of birds nesting of the cable, and work the winch after you do any water crossings to dry it out completely, i guess its like any piece of recovery gear, you don't need it ,until you do.

Maybe ive just been lucky, but after 11 years, Id certainly look at a cheap one again 馃き

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4wd supa centre dominator winch and do not even consider fitting the standard contactor pack.

Straight in the bin and fit an albright. Job done.

I have been there and done that years ago. Been bogged for hours just about helpless because of a **** cheap contactor. (Black soil is fun) Cheap winches aren't so bad at all and if anything from my anecdotal experience in some cases better then name brand stuff to some extent but cheap contactors will have you all fuked up.

One mate who has frequented 4wd action magazine cover even had a tiger 11 motor bolted to a warn xp9.5 because the warn motor didn't cop the thrashing and the thing went for a few years like that.

Annoying spending 2.5k on something that didn't run with the couple hundred dollar special. And it was used.

I have always ran front and rear winches, can absolutely depend on at least one of them if not both to save my ass if need be after vicarious and personal experiences with plenty of them over the last decade.

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If you鈥檙e interested in a warn xd9000 message me with a contact number. It is yours foc.
Thanks for the offer, but I still haven't decided if I'll even fit one yet. Will probably wait for a while before I before I decide on bar and winch etc.
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