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Cannot anyone help
I'm looking at buy a Patrol and need some info. A friend said there is one for sale but needs a new auto!!
92 GQ petrol injected gas 2 inch lift kit no rego the fellows selling it has fallen to ill health "heart attack" etc he was driving it going on a camping trip & lost drive got out & camper trailer covered in red oil & got it towed home pulled out the auto & had the heart attack!! anyway I looked at it good enough condition has a spare transfer case lights old gear box in back.
Whats it worth to put in a new 2nd hand auto?? or how much to get a reco one & put it in??
Some one said you can put in a manual box & buy a kit for the change over?? or get some one to throw it in for you!! I don't know swat about the Nissan Patrols so any info about the change over would be great I'm in Brisbane I have a old Mitz 4x4 4 cyclinder now and I need a bit more go to tow the boat & go up to Fraser Is one or twice a year & genral running around What are the Patrols worth guys I have no idea this one I'm looking at seems good value as it sit I suppose cannot start it or take it for a drive no rego & needs money spent on the gearbox. I just wondering if it's all worth while?? Info would be most welcomed
Regards Steve
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