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Hi all,

New to the site so please be gentle though honesty will be appreciated.

The family and I are moving up to Weipa - far north QLD so I am looking for 4.2 TD patrols to go mining.

I know they are strong tuff motors, but I am not going to be doing any towing but from everyone I have spoken to, all have suggested the 4.2 turbo diesel.

There are a few around in Vic with 170,000 (with bits and pieces done to them ie 2" lift) and another with 277,000 kms which is virtually stock.

Am I better off buying the one with 277kms on it as a short term vehicle (2 years or so) and put a lift kit in it, new AT tyres, snorkel and drive that ? Even if the injectors need doing, I hear there only about $400 change over then they run like new..

Any opinions suggestions would be appreciated. I don't want a really nice one as I haven't done a lot of 4WDriving and will be doing some course before I go up from VIC.. Gotta keep the family safe if we go exploring a little.

Look forward to hearing back.

Cheers, Andy
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