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G'day guys,
Im new the the 4x4 game, this will be my first 4x4, iv been out a few time with mates but looking to start myself.
I joined this forum because everyone recommends it, my mate drives a GQ but my father drives a 80series... the war has begun!

Im going to look at two GQ Patrols tomorrow, both 4.2 Diesels.
But, my question is to know some of the common faults to look out for??
They both say they have no rust and have never been beach.... **also only had 1 previous owner who was a 90 year old grandmother who only drove it to and from the supermarket**:rolleyes:... who knows what people tell you these days.

Any information would be great, what to look out for.
What is a BIG NO NO! and even some extra bonus's that might be a nice added extra.
Like one says it has 2" lift with diff breathers.
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