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Buying a GU 3 need help

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Ok here it is witch know First 2001 GU3 stock 3L 5 speed $21000 the other is a 2003 GU3 3L auto has front and rear lockers steel winch bar and steel rear bar sliders two batteries
roof console 2 inch lift mags and new tyers $29000 this one has been bush the other never off the road what one to get :confused:
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I bought a GUII 2000 model 3L about 18 months ago... For $10,500 totally stock o purchased this with the idea that when it went bang I would do an engine conversion. 70,000km later she is still going strong.... I have now done all the mods ( guages, blocked egr, catch can, etc... ) And I have had heaps of fun following the forum and doing the mods and in doing so I have learnt a lot about my car.

To me a 2001 model at $20k seems expensive and $29k for a 2003 seems a bit high as well.

You could buy a 98,99,2000 model 3L for less than 8-9k ( probably not running ) send it to Brunswick diesel and get a 6.5 V8 Chev diesel shoehorned in.

All up cost car and conversion under 30k. I know what I would be doing.
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