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My husband just sold his Holden Ute as he has wanted a 4WD for quite some time. Also now we have started our family we wanted a second family car.

We love Patrols, but now are quite worried regarding all the engine problems they have had....

Our budget is around $20 000. Definately want a turbo diesel, auto is preferred. My husband doesnt really want more than 200 000kms on the clock.

We had read in a 4WD magazine that engine problems were pre 2003, and a 2003 was fine to purchase, but upon more research this doesnt seem to be the case????

Our other option is a 80 series Landcruiser but they are OLD for that price range...

We found one on the weekend for $20000 2003 GU III auto with $160 000 with tint, bullbar and tow bar. Interior was pretty grubby but nothing a detail woudlnt fix. HOWEVER there was a leaking turbo...also admitted they dont do any checks on it, except for every 10 000kms service. Barely offroad, no beach. Family car. Single owner. Woman driver........

Thoughts on what to buy??? Opinions?? More info re engine dramas??

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