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HI guys

I'm in the market for my first 4wd and I've been looking around and doing my research. Ive come to a point where I have been considering a few options.

I have around $25k to spend max and would be using it mainly for camping down in SW WA or up north so just dirt and sand tracks maybe the beach. Good chance I'll be doing some off roading as well but nothing too hardcore.
Outside of getting away I want to be able to chuck my boards and the dogs in the back to go surfing and at the beach but I dont have anything to tow apart from maybe the odd trailer no caravan or boat.

My brother has an RX 4.2 patrol and I really enjoyed driving it.

Definitely after a turbo diesel rather than a petrol/gas.

Would love the patrol in the 4.2TD but dont see myself being able to find a newer within my budget. At this stage something after 2003 with the 3.0L seems like it is within my price range and what Im after.

Does it make a lot of difference between the auto and manual versions of the 3.0L? Would prefer an auto if it's not too gutless.

Seems to be alot of wholesale ex-fleet vehicles out there (06-07) with 100k+ on them for reasonable prices but is it too good to be true? Are these usually flogged or have other issues that makes them less than ldeal buys?

The other options in my price range seem to be the early 2000 prado or an 80 series landcruiser. I looked at similiar Landrovers but the reliablity issues are putting me off.

I know thats a lot of questions but would really appreciate any input or opinions. :)
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