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hey guys, just got a question, i have a 97 4.2 diesel gq ute and was offered a turbo that i was told was off a diesel but i chased it up its an 45v4 turbo off and r33 skyline. i no nothing about turbos so just wondering becasue this is off a petrol motor with different fan pitch will it work on my motor?


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more about gas flow really. The A/R ratio of compressors and turbines for diesels and petrols are slightly different. As in the compressor will give slightly more volume compared to what the turbine is receiving with a diesel, as with a petrol they are more evenly matched with each other.

Its still a turbo, has to deal with hot gases, stay sealed, lubricate and spin fast. It will at some point in the rev range work, exactly where it works is what is most useful to you. If your handy in the workshop welding **** up go for it. Plenty of info on here to make adjustments properly. Otherwise if your talking a serious setup, call a pro. This is where I piss off. lol

I would flog it on ebay personally, if it was a gift, and get the right turbo for the job with that money.
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