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Canadian GQ build thread

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Hey guys,
Here's the build up process of my truck, my amazing truck! (It's a Nissan after all..!) It's a 1993 Nissan Safari GQ, 24 volts with the 4.2L diesel and 5 speed tranny. It came with factory rear locker, front and rear a/c with beer cooler, 7 seaters, large cargo roof rack and a few other little extra (heated fuel filter...).

It started as a spoiled Japanese truck that never saw any kind of offroad for the first 17 years of it's life. I self imported it in February 2010 with only 75,000km on the clock. Since then it's got a rude awakening!:wings:

I was lucky enough to get an un-modified truck, best platform to get my dream started! So the modifications started, and the fun! But before any mods took place and covered the basics; changed all fluids, filters and belts, replaced the headlight for lefties and took care of anything that needed it.

Mod #1
I replaced the 31's on stock rims with BFG M/T 255/85r16 (skinny 33's) mounted on Procomp rims. Now I have traction! Love that low squatting look but that won't last long, 3-4" lift is getting ready to be mounted...

Mod #2
Replaced/relocated both batteries with two Odyssey 34-PC1500 that punch out a nice 880cca each and also act as decent deep cycle unit (AGM so safe to run inside the truck). I used about 10m of No. 1 battery cable to reach the new location behind the rear passenger's bench. I finished this project by building a holding/storage box for the batteries. At the same time I installed a secondary 24v fuse panel inside the engine bay at the left of the firewall.

EDIT: I have since moved the battery directly behind the front seats and removed the rear seats. I'm using the 3rd row bench instead as it gives way more leg room for my kids...

Mod #3
Installed a TRABOLD remote (bypass) oil filter where the right battery used to be. I forget the specs but I believe the bypass filters down to 0.1 micron. Cartridge should be changed every 24,000km (15,000mi), the OEM filters every 3 years and the oil (synthetic) some crazy numbers (over 300,000km - 185,000mi)! Regular oil analysis will tell me how far fetch or accurate those claims are...

Mod #4
Removed the EGR, blocked it's original intake location and used a blocking plate at the exhaust manifold to insert my pyro probe until it gets relocated once the turbo goes in. One picture shows all the crap I was able to remove! And there's still another EGR valve behind the motor waiting to be removed!!!


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very nice rig, well done... how expensive was it for you to do the direct import?
is that a factory fit? I didn't think there was metal meat behind that door latch area
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