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As discussed in another thread about servicing, when discussion turned to oils, people have asked me to tell them more by PM so to save my time making a dedicated thread.

I have used the STM-3 Engine Treatment in a mostly stock TD42T over the full treatment duration of 4000 k's and found excellent results henceforth recommending the product. That car was sold recently (I'll go into a bit of detail on that later)

So I'm currently about to treat another TD42Ti with this and have ordered the product and am waiting for it to arrive. As I've just upgraded my TD to a high performance output and tune of 206 RWKW 700NM I thought I would capitalize on the technology to protect the engine, particularly from the negative harmonics which contribute to damage in engines, to protect mainly the crank etc and for the other longevity and economy benefits. I figure a few hundred $ is money well spent when I've already seen the benefits, think what a broken crank would cost right, and the sadness that would bring.

The TD I treated had 370 on the clock but had been rebuilt 50xxx earlier, the engine was already tight with normal blow by, but I thought I'd treat in and see what it did, this car I was planning to keep but I ended up selling it as couldn't justify two, it was to drive while my ute got overhauled. The ute is the one I'm about to treat.

Background on additives. Had a mate years ago rave about Slick50 tried it in an old XE Falcon Ex taxi on LPG, and remember paying $150 odd for it, did help some. I found out the original slick50 formula which my mate had raved about had been scrapped due to a legal battle apparently, when I was searching for the original formula I came across Cerma and began studying the info, I found the info convincing enough to try it and went ahead even though I had a good amount of skepticism.

As I said above when I added 4oz of STM-3 with a new oil change to my reliability stock TD42T I was noticably surprised it began to work fast to reduce harmonics, quieten, and give increased performance, spool up and much more enjoyable drivability, slightly better fuel economy.

I had actually bought this for the ute but put it in the stock wagon first to test it out and could I couldn't wait. Was quite happy with the purchase so I've re ordered it again for the ute, including the manual trans treatment, fuel treatment. I've used another brand of Ceramic additive called XADO revitalizer and it was what got me looking more into Ceramic treatment too, these two are the only Ceramic treatments I know of that exist on the consumer market. Cerma has much more information and more variety of products.

When this order arrives I will take a pic of the bottles with the invoice etc. I've ordered the Manual Trans treatment too and plan to do it at same time, the trans hasnt had oil changed for 80,000 k's so it's ready for some love, don't want to destroy the gear box now have more grunts.

So I'm testing the current fuel economy of my engine with the new tune and it comes in around 15.4 L /100k's but that was not driving conservatively more moderately, so I will take a more conservative test and take average of both, then I plan to do this at intervals after the treatment say at 2000 k's and 4,000 ks (4,000 being the time it takes to treat the engine in a diesel, or 2500 miles, 1500 miles in a Petrol)

Then I can reprot a percentage of actual fuel economy fuel economy gains from my direct experience. I'd also like to do a video on the idle of before and after.

Engine to be treated is fully stock internally 04 TD42T with 291, 000 on bottom end, rebuilt genuine head, new injectors, with 12 mm new UFI pump.
So it's not a performance built bottom end but top end is ported and polished, new perf valves and perf springs. Running 30 PSI boost with a Borg Warner EFR 6758.

So stay tuned for my later posts and bear in mind the test will take some time to get data back for you. I am confident people will get good results from this product and that it does what it claims to do. I know there are always people who will pipe up that this is a scam or some such, people who will not do any research and will want to argue with me about that, I'm not interested in that and that kind of thing makes me reluctant, just honestly sharing my experience with others and I am confident they will get the same results and will not be disappointed. I will say I'm reasonable and careful on forming my opinions, not guilable or wanting to believe in anything not real, I hate scams and scammers with a passion. If something doesn't do what it claims and I've paid good money I'm the first to say so, after i'm sure.

I have spoken to sales there and when I said I was applying to a performance build they offered a performance discount of 20% on their treatment products, and 10% on their other products.I'm happy to share that by PM, I don;t want to make that public as people might do that for non performance applications and annoy the company, and I have not asked their permission so don't want to bite hand that feed me. I trust if people email them they will give the code if asked. I'm not affiliated with them currently but may look at that in the future. i get no kickback or anything to say this, for now I'm just sharing my experience and detailing the results of the next treatment. I'm also going to put it in my DR650 single Cyl Motorcycle to reduce vibration, it will give good feedback about performance too.

Anyway, I'm really impressed with this stuff, and quite looking forward to the results, mainly for the protection, longevity, and piece of mins, with the extra performance, drivability and economy the bonuses.

This product is what you treat an engine with, STM-3 stands for Surface Tension Modifyer 3, this is added to your oil either when you put in fresh oil or after but it must run a minimum of 2500 miles in a diesel, which is about 4000 k's odd. This will treat the engine for 90,000 miles or about 144,000 ks. The product claims to have nano ceramic (Silicon Carbide) to rebuild at the molecular level the mated surfaces of bearings and mated faces where harmonics and acidification can cause whole clustoms of the face metal surface to break away in older engines, it claims to harden and reduce friction on these surfaces, protecting them and reducing heat and harmonics caused by the engine vibration and friction. Obviously this is increased in diesels die to how they work and the higher compression.

After this the company say you will get increased performance on their oil CERMAX but it's not necessary, to ship their oil here is qhite costly, and it's not necessay required for the benefits, it's just another product they make, just to clear any confusion there. The video on the Cermax looks awesome, Cermax uses a associated STM-3 additive obviously.

As for the company you will notice they aren't huge on marketing, I spoke with a rep who told me they deliberately don't spend on marketing as they believe in the product so much that they know word of mouth is enough, which makes good sense. But it initially makes people skeptical because they expect to equate marketing with the quality of the product, even when marketing was designed to generate sales regardless the quality generally.

STM-3 Treatment Dose & Directions: 4oz treats 3.8-4.8 L engine, when I questioned the sales they said 3.25 oz would be enough to do a 4.2 engine and that I can use the rest in my motorcycle, and that's how I will be going. Or you can put whole 4 oz in the 4.2 as I did last time. I will mention though that I had a few drops left in the bottle and when I changed my Honda Brushcutter GX35 4 stroke, I added what residue I could flush out of the bottle with new oil to the sump, and it ran better with upped compression and bogged down less, was more enjoyable to use.

Nano Turbo Treatment: This treatment must be added 500 miles 800 k's before the oil change after running the engine treatment min 2500 miles.
Reading the bottle it says has STM-3 in it. Bottle pictured below sitting atop my TD.


I'm certainly interested if anyone has any direct feedback on any of their numerous products. Cerma STM-3 Long Lasting Motor Oil | Diesel and Gasoline Engine Oil –

If others do give it a try please take some before and after economy data and if they can confirm my experience here would be good to see. In any case I took the leap of faith and am happy I did. I love my engines and want to know they wont let me down and have the peace of mind I've treated them accordingly. I think it's a must for older engines and performance. But this is just my reasonable opinion, interested in yours too if it's reasonable and you have any experience directly with the product or analysis of the companies information etc.

When ordering they have a "bulk shipping" option which was $5 usd, I selected the option as not really in a hurry, they upgraded it to priority shipping though apparently. Order was shipped within a day of the order and tracking sent. That was on the 16th.

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The company guarantees the product with a Money Back Guarantee.

Here's what they say about the Cerma STM-3 Engine treatment

Cerma Logo


Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment is our premier product to start the Cerma process and to clean, restore, lubricate, and protect vehicle / equipment.

Simple one-time application -- add to engine oil of vehicle and go!

Cerma Points

• Protects New, Revives old
• Restores Engine and Transmission Performance
• Increases Horsepower & Torque
• Increases Compression
• Fuel Economy (4.2 to 21 % as Tested)
• Reduces Emission Gases (92% as Tested)
• Stops Carbon Deposits
• Prevents Hydrogen Embrittlement Damage
• Reduced Engine Vibration and Noise (Harmonics)
• Stops Cold Start Problems. (Tested to -40 Deg.)
• STM-3 is 100% Active Ingredient
• Cerma STM-3 is 100% Organic
• All Cerma Products are Fully Insured (US & Foreign)
• 100% 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Notice: All information stated above is based on 12 years of real data, not hype or dreams of a marketing group. Cerma Guarantee's It! Required FTC statement: your results may vary.

Cerma performance claims have been reviewed by the Government. We are proud to be the only engine treatment ever to be ETV Program Verified - Click Here

From the Inventor - John Murry:
"Why settle for minimal lubrication protection when you could have Cerma's Advanced Lubrication Protection?

Unlike traditional engine oil additives, Cerma with STM-3® does more than just coat. Cerma STM-3 Treatment actually penetrates your engine's internal metal parts to eliminate engine generated destructive harmonics, noise and vibration, while increasing performance and improving gas mileage.

Cerma simultaneously cleans, and protects worn parts by creating a smoother, more durable surface without changing factory tolerances. Cerma STM-3 effectively optimizes performance while reducing friction and wear.

Cerma has spent over 10 years validating every aspect of our treatment and the advanced science associated with Cerma STM-3. The application is simple, Cerma works with our 100% active ingredient, STM-3®, applying a long-lasting Nano Silicon Carbide (SiC) matrix seal within the sub-surfaces of the engine. While you drive, Cerma penetrates the metal surfaces 1 to 6 microns deep and forms this Silicon Carbide (SiC) matrix within the metal, that is lapped to a perfect mating surface on the metal as Cerma is curing within the sub-surfaces of the metal of the running assembly, engine, transmission or anything that requires lubrication.

By reducing friction and heat, Cerma's Advanced Technology provides similar benefits as traditional lubricants but works in a completely different way. Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment does not modify the oil in any way. Instead, it modifies the surface structure of the metal to make it act like a ceramic surface. Cerma will create a Silicon Carbide matrix within the metal surface (known for it's strength, durability, smoothness and high heat resistance properties). Silicon Carbide coatings have been used for decades in racing, industry, aviation and nuclear propulsion. With STM-3®, a ceramic (SiC)-metal coating can now be applied to your engine, transmission, rear axle or whatever equipment your treating with one simple application, no special tools & without dis-assembly. Cerma with STM-3® provides a huge cost savings, with all the benefits of a ceramic engine. Seal the Steel™ with Cerma STM-3® and enjoy the performance that professional race engine builders, aerospace engineers have known about for years, but at a fraction of the prior cost to achieve same results.

Cerma STM-3® "Ceramic" Silicon Carbide (SiC) Metal Treatment is the best way to optimize your Engine or Transmission's overall performance without dis-assembly. Once you treat your engine or transmission with Cerma, you will feel and hear the difference immediately! Your vehicle will run quieter and more smoothly with improved performance. We are so certain that you will be impressed by the results, that all Cerma Treatments come with a 90-day, no hassle money back guarantee! Did I mention that Cerma is a "one" time treatment?"

Simple one-time engine treatment, treat the metal not the oil with Cerma STM-3 Engine Treatment, you will hear and feel the difference within 20 minutes. Cerma STM-3, is the only pure SiC metal treatment, proven to substantially decreases friction, reduce damaging harmonics and wear in the engine. Cerma with STM-3 is not harmful in any way to your to plastics, rubber, or seals.

Dosage Amounts:
Automobiles (Gasoline 4 to 8 Cylinders) - One 2 oz Treatment per vehicle (2 ounces total)
Automobiles (Small Diesel 1 to 2.8 Liter Engine) - One 2 oz Treatment per vehicle (2 ounces total)
Automobiles (Small Diesel 3 to 4.8 Liter Engine) - Two 2 oz Treatment per vehicle (4 ounces total)
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