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ok after asking questions about this
i have done so
very very easy
as for the gear sticks i am not that far
but here are some pics and brief description
undo all these bolts(mine are out there are 8)

this is what you pull out give it a lil tap with a rubber mallet
the gear has two flat sides you will need to turn it until it comes out

this is shaft pulled out of cover plate

this is what it looks like with out the shaft

and if you look closely at this pic you will see the flat edge iwas talking about
there is one at top and bottom

and thats it grab the shaft you want in plus the front cover as i am led to believe that the thrust bearing guide is differant

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Not all 4 and 5 speeds are different. L28 4 speed is teh same as a SD33T 5 speed. So there are different 4 speed ratio's to.
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