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changing seats in ute

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was just wondering if i change the passenger seat in my 99 gu ute'-if a standard patrol bucket will bolt straight in?---i want to have a bit more room in front when we go patrolling--any ideas?????:confused::confused::confused:
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I swapped my Driver and 3/4 bench seats for a set of ST ute buckets and console....all bolted straight in. You just have to cut some of the vinyl to reveal the captive nuts, and get the bracket for the rear of the console.
How much more comfortable/supportive would you say they are?

They are much better than the DX seats that i pulled out. The driver seat has a much better base, you sit a bit higher and it is a bit firmer...i found the difference quite significant. As for the passenger doesnt even compair, eleventy billion times more comfortable for the long haul.

I originally did the swap, purely for some more storage room inside the cab. But i now find i dont get a sore ass/back after a big drive.....Bonus.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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