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changing seats in ute

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was just wondering if i change the passenger seat in my 99 gu ute'-if a standard patrol bucket will bolt straight in?---i want to have a bit more room in front when we go patrolling--any ideas?????:confused::confused::confused:
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i found that the st ute seats are actually quiet good i was supprissed how good they were compaired to the dx ones that my dad had in his ute the just seem better on long trips.

although i have been considering swapping my st ones for some ford/fpv or even holden/hsv sports seats as they are a whole world better again as far as comfort and support go and ultra cheap compaired to any thing in the after market range and seem relatively easy to fit up according to some of the threads on here.

if you are looking for seats i would get in touch with ferntree gully auto salvage they deal in ford and holden parts and alot of it is very near new and they are very helpful with that kind of stuff and have a full listing on there website and will post to most places i have delt with them on numerous occations with doing custom stuff and they were more than happy to help.
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