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so today i carried out a service on my 09 crd patrol. changed the oil and air filter first started the car up and ran it for a few minutes to check the oil level.

i then went on to replace the fuel filter. disconnected all the fuel lines going to it, grabbed the new genuine filter, reconnected all the fuel hoses and water sensor, tighten it all up, primed it up pumping the primer until there was pressure.

started the car and ran fine gave it a few revs all good. took it for a spin around the block and it wouldn't rev up properly. then gave it a boot full and it completely shut down. popped the bonnet grabbed the primer and it had no pressure. primed it again and fired up straight away but since shutting down the check engine light remains on. drove it home and disconnected the battery for an hour but still stays on. took it for another drive and it feels sluggish.

any ideas what could be wrong?
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